Same Day Fixed Teeth with Dental Implants at Parrock Street Dental Care

It’s Sunday evening and i have just given him a courtesy call to check all is healing well. He picked up the phone in good spirits saying everything is great and he had not needed any analgesics since yesterday, one day after surgery!

This is the ideal treatment for people with failing or missing teeth! Same Day Fixed Teeth…..if this applies to you,ask us how?

Dr Rik Trivedi

Cliff had advanced gum disease causing extensive loosening of all his remaining top teeth and a poor appearance. His job involved sales presentations. He was extremely nervous and had not been to the dentist for years. The tipping point to attending for an appointment came when one of his upper front teeth just fell out. After careful planning with a Ct scan we agreed to remove all the top teeth, place 6 implants and definitive posts to hold a fixed bridge. He is over the moon with the appearance and overall result. He talks to us just 2 days after treatment at a review appointment.

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